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“…..Armstrong Painting Inc. provides a high level of painting services to suit all of our City facilities. They provide consultation to help us determine the conditions of our sites as well as develop an approach to deliver the best product possible. They efficiently provide a high quality paint service which meets our financial and performance needs. We can and have set in place deadlines and budgets which they have effectively met. Their efficiency has created cost savings which has allowed us to provide more services to our clients. “ 
  Richard Ramirez, City of San Jose


“….Rodgers Construction and Engineering has had the good fortune to contract work on numerous construction projects with Armstrong Painting Inc. Being consistent and always accommodating to the owner needs, giving immediate attention to remedy any concerns or issues that the owner might have had. I can quite honestly say that very few issues ever occurred on any of the projects and none that were not remedied to the owners total satisfaction. Because of Armstrong Painting’s integrity and commitment to quality workmanship by keeping to the highest standards. I am grateful and honor, not only to have the opportunity to work with, but to have been fortunate enough to meet such outstanding, good, honest people as I have had the pleasure in doing so with Armstrong Painting Inc.” 
  Daniel Rodgers, Rodgers Construction and Engineering Company


……my organization and I have had the opportunity of contracting with Armstrong Painting Inc. in the past. The services provided were beyond our expectations. I commend their dedication and commitment in providing quality services. The ability to cooperate with our Field Office, from solicitation to contract completion proved to be effortless.  They were timely in their delivery, adhering to or exceeding the submitted schedule; they were unobtrusive to our customers, cleaning at the end of each work shift as required by specifications, and they provided high quality project at completion with no safety violations 
  Ronnie King, General Service Administration